Patrick McIvor

The Dancing Scot

Whether a piece is for a client or my personal expression, I strive to share my joy, wonder, and the way I see the world.  When designing a piece I give consideration to its function, location, codes or liabilities, and do a quality job that will endure the test of time.  When working with clients, I like to visit their home to gain insight into their style and values.  I ask questions and generate ideas with them to personalize the design, giving the piece priceless value.  My work is environmentally and socially conscious, and I strive to connect people to core values and ask questions to provoke thought about global issues.

I have recently invested in my professional development working with master blacksmith Alfred Habermann in Austria.  I have also participated in blacksmithing events throughout Europe including Czech Republic, Ukraine, Lithuania, and Italy.  I am inspired by work of quality and design that I have rarely seen in North America, and I look forward to sharing it in the skills of my hands and designs in my mind.  In the future, I hope to be among the top blacksmiths in the world.


Patrick McIvor

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Learn to forge like a traditional blacksmith, using traditional techniques and equipment.

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