Your Unique Vision

Crafted using traditional blacksmith techniques

Dancing Scot Forge owner Patrick McIvor learned traditional Blacksmith techniques in an unconventional way.

By learning on his own then traveling to Europe to study with masters. This journey allowed Patrick to build skills that allow the creation of unique items. What we make ranges from jewelry, fences, gates, railings to tools for wood, stone and glass craftsmen. What is made in a forge are unique, each artist has their own style. Each item created is unique to the person who is buying a custom art or craft product.

Traditional Blacksmith Services

We work with the individuals to make a beautiful work for their home one that for years after something new and is being discovered. We meet the clients to look at what the style and aesthetic flows around their home, from that interview a design is drawn up and a price for the object is finalized.

Knives and Axes

If a client would like to commission a specific knife or axe, we talk about style, weight, length and materials then I make the item.
For antique items we can do repairs or refurbish the items.


We meet with the client to look at the scope of the project. Take measurements as needed, then make a drawing of the item followed by construction and installation.

Metal Art and Sculptures

Often a client uses a few leading phrases to give a direction for making custom sculpture. Once we have a possible theme then it is created.

Movie Props

Many sets have metal of various kinds, historically accurate candle or torch holders to steam punk metals of bronze or brass. We can help with these items.

Learn to Forge like a Master

Learn to forge like a traditional blacksmith, using traditional techniques and equipment.

Gallery of Works

Be sure to check out our gallery page for a showcase of what traditional blacksmith techniques still brings to the world

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